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Contract Labour Compliance

Compliance under Contract Labour Act viz Registrations of Principal Employer, Contractor. Vendor compliance audit to ensure the compliance status of the vendors engaged by the principal employer.

Consulting & Auditing

Conducting Periodic Audit of the Organisation to have a regular check on status of compliance under all applicable Labour Laws and identifying any non-compliances, risk factors involved.

Monthly Compliance Management

End to End monthly compliances under PF, ESI, PT, LWF, etc, Preparation and filing of returns & challans, Maintaining records & registers, ensuring display of notices & abstracts under various Acts and managing them.

Handling Court Matters

In handling court matters and legal-aid for cases filled by the Govt Officials, Workers,etc. under the Labour, Industrial,Social Security Laws.

Building & Other Construction Workers

For Building & Other Construction Workers we provide End to End compliance provided under the Building & Other Construction Workers Act

Labour Laws Awareness Programmes

In Labour Laws Awareness Programmes, We conduct Awareness Programmes under various Labour Laws for the Organisations, Workers.

Sexual Harassment Act

Sexual harassment Act is an Act to provide Regulatory Compliance & Constitution of Internal Compliance Committee under to protect women from sexual harassment at their workplace(PPR) Act, 2013

Temporary Staffing

We take on our payroll the staffs/workers pre-identified by companies or existing ones if required and we take complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities for these staffs/workers.

Registration, Plan Approvals, Renewal &Liasioning

Mandatory Registrations, Plan Approvals, Licences, etc under applicable Labour laws. It also includes timely renewals and amendments. Liaison with the Govt officials in obtaining the registrations, licences.

Inter-State Migrant Workers

End to End compliance provided under the Interstate Migrant Workers Act